Levelling the Deck

Everyone deserves to swim. Levelling the Deck, by SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia,
is making swimming more welcoming and supportive for everyone, irrespective of background, sexuality and gender.

At Every Level

Swim teachers and coaches lead swimmers to success. They form the foundations of inclusivity that respect individuals, from beginners to the elite, and honour our community.

We Believe In











Swimming lessons can grow lifelong enjoyment and safety. But only with swimming teachers who create welcoming spaces where everyone belongs, grows and is confident to speak up.


…not everyone has the same opportunities and barriers.


…about your own bias and challenge your beliefs.


…speak up when things aren’t right and be open to change.

Telling Our Stories

Anu’s Swim School

Read Anu’s journey through barriers to form a diversity-focused swim school. 

Gamilaroi woman Lee Yinarr

Read about Lee’s dedication to lifelong learning and healing

Behaviour is a Choice

The actions we choose as coaches are on display for the leaders of tomorrow. We show them the way.

Swimming Isn’t Solitary

When swim teachers create a physically, mentally and emotionally safe space in swimming lessons, our community grows.

Behaviour is a Choice

The actions we choose as coaches are on display for the leaders of tomorrow. We show them the way.

Swimming Isn’t Solitary

When swim teachers create a physically, mentally and emotionally safe space in swimming lessons, our community grows.

Part of a Movement

As a swim school teacher, coach, student, swimmer, parent, carer or elite athlete, we all have a role to play in levelling the deck. Find out how you can make a difference.

A Life’s Purpose

Anu Bedi

After experiencing biases in her own learn-to-swim journey, Anu built a swim school where everyone feels welcome.

Six years ago, I had a choice to make…continue in a successful corporate career or take a leap of faith and follow my true passion – to do something that helped people.

The idea to build a swim school in the local community was born. While I loved and immersed myself into the swimming industry, there were times I felt out of place.

One of the first interactions was arriving at my Swim Teacher course. I was the oldest trainee, the only one that wasn’t in excellent fitness condition, I had inaccurate swim technique and, being of Indian background, was the only student from a non-Anglo-Australian background.

There were looks thrown between other students and directed at me – the silent question of why was I there?

When I opened Swimz my team was largely Anglo and I often felt on the outside of jokes built around a cultural understanding outside of my own. Some staff took it upon themselves to ‘teach me’ how things were done. I was often questioned when I brought forward ideas based on new research or innovations.

I would get curious glances from students and parents who would often hesitate before approaching me or choose the Anglo instructor over me. Once a three year old asked me, ‘Why is your skin so dark?’ It was asked in total innocence, but it still took me aback.

The subtle resistance, coupled with the challenge of constantly having to prove my expertise, made the journey more arduous.

When the child asked about my skin colour I replied that, ‘people come in all shapes, sizes and colours and she will see a lot more people and swim instructors in a lot more colours if she keeps coming.’

Over time, I continued to lean into conversations about diversity, my techniques produced positive results and the community around my centre started referring to it as ‘Anu’s Swim School’.

I’m proud to say that today Swimz is a haven of inclusivity with a hugely diverse, dedicated passionate team full of members of different genders, ethnicity, language groups, sexual preferences, and abilities.

Our focus on diversity has not only nurtured confident swimmers but also seen us win several accolades including, within the industry, NSW Government and in various business and community groups.

Lee’s need to walk together toward a healed nation

Lee Yinarr

I’m an Aboriginal woman from the Gamilaroi tribe in Western NSW, Australia, currently living on Taungurong, Dhudhuroa and Waywurru Country in regional Victoria. 

I’m a Kinesiologist, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Quantum Coach, Regression Therapist and Access Consciousness Facilitator, and I work intentionally towards stewardship of Country and lifelong learning, creating a legacy that seeds the path forward.

As a lighter skinned Aboriginal woman I felt my identity was never acknowledged or valued. I never saw her culture represented and rather than finding a place of belonging, it was merely a place I worked. I facilitate a therapeutic family health and wellness program for mums/dads and bubs at Reservoir Leisure Centre every Wednesday. The session is then followed by lunch and yarn.

I have a true passion for being a swim teacher and recognise the importance and connection of water for all. It’s also important for the community to connect and feel connected to their local facilities. 

With self-determination and from a place of education to encourage people to walk the journey of inclusivity, I continue to advocate for the people in my community. 

While I see improvement, it has not yet allowed me to feel true belonging.

I believe that creating true diversity requires both education, but also more action. I also encourage members of swim communities to walk alongside Aboriginal people toward a healed nation.

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