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Disability Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The Disability course is designed to improve your understanding of disability in all its guises, and to show how employment options for people with disability can be improved and embraced. The course has been created in collaboration with the Australian Network on Disability (AND). We are indebted to the many people with lived experience who generously gave us their time, to the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion team at the University of Queensland for their invaluable insights and for access to their leading researchers, and to Northcott Disability Services.

The course should take approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete in total, and it is split into 4 modules.

Disclaimer: This course contains general information only and does not constitute legal advice or endorse the view of any particular participant. While SBS has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in this course is accurate at the time of publication, it does not guarantee and accepts no liability arising from or connected to the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information in this course.

Please note: no data is collected from any responses you give in the activities.

Upon completion of the Disability course you will have:

  • A broad awareness of the many types of disability and the social model of disability
  • Knowledge of best practices to foster inclusion of disability in the workplace
  • An understanding of how employing people with disability is good for the bottom line
  • An understanding of barriers in the workplace preventing inclusion of people with disability
  • Incorporate your understanding of diversity and intersectionality into your core inclusion skills
  • Awareness of the effects of neurodiversity and mental health on inclusion